A downloadable twin stick shooty for Windows and Linux

an infinite twin stick shooty 

 8 fearsome baddies (not cuddly) 

 6 power-ups that will make you smile and say “i’m having fun”

 3 hazards that add to the chaotic nature of this strange place

 the love of your friends makes you stronger

if you enjoy your time with satryn, please consider checking out satryn deluxe 


satryn-win.zip 29 MB
Version 0.8.3 May 21, 2021
satryn-linux.zip 30 MB
Version 0.8.3 May 21, 2021

Development log


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Awesome game. I loved playing it!

can you maybe make a mac por

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a new high score to celebrate the deluxe announcement! thanks for a great game!

3 million+ high score, level 38 high score

Let’s gooo

death screen with hi-score 4,551,720


Man, wish I could make fun games like this.


Fantastic game! Keeps the controls simple. Difficulty ramp is just right. Every death feels fair (I can see how I could have avoided it). Scaling multiplier really ups the "one more try" effect.

Wish the donate button let me choose a higher amount! I know I can do it multiple times, but it's annoying giving that extra cut to PayPal each time.


hello admin! how are you doing? are you make more game?

i hope you safe and healthy!

can you make a mac port

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is this Robotron 2084 but with better graphics, even the transition between two scenes and the friends system is similar to Robotron.

This game is perfection. Have Twitter DM'd about a maybe-cool thing, but no worries if not!


Someones a fan of Robotron, and that is not a problem.

could you try making a Mac OS build of it


very fun game


great game lots of fun!


I love the buttons/menus and transition animations and just wow its so pretty :D 


I have some suggestions to improve:

   It is about the power-ups,in conclusion,the dual one is pretty weak compared to others.Furthermore,each power-up has its situation to take advantage of:Spread could efficiently clear up the area you are shooting,Quad is super effective when surrounded,Piercing can do strafing by moving up and down,Swift is the definition of boss killer,Rocket is needless to say while dual does not has its own feature.Somehow,I always try to avoid using it when I have other power-ups because of its unusefulness. Well,this is my opinion,but I wish you to give Dual a second chance.Other than that,it is truly perfection,always love to hear the sound effect after killing each denizen lol.

(a little show off heheheh)


i wanted dual shot to be unexciting, but in practice it really is an annoying piece of shit. thank you for your suggestion, i will think about it. 

that is an incredible score. da biggest i've seen yet. i'm in awe🤩


Oh,sorry...I did not know it to be destined.It was not the recommendation,but still okay I mean:D

By the way,it is ecstasy to receive a reply from da LEGEND itself!!Did not expect that too!!

Thanks,it really makes my day.


i loved this game so much that a played it all week(plz check out this game its a good game


Hey, the game is amazing. Can you release this game for android tv boxes with gamepad support?  

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Just started playing this. It's SO AWESOME!

I'm uh... in the process of making a custom physical CD copy of it (for my personal use but would totally send you one as a thank you gift!).

Just started working on the cover art and manual. :D

oh my gosh, please show me when you are ready to, @hello_maybell, i would love so much to see it :)

Will do. Oh and I just made a donate to you. :D

is it possible to make a 32bit version ?

beacause your game look really cool


This game is amazing, and it's always great to see developers who acknowledge the existence of Dinput (a.k.a. Playstation and other Dinput compatible controllers).


I keep coming back to this game :D Beat my highscore today


holy shit, all hail satryn's bane! 🙇


The little animation the friends do when you rescue them is so adorable! But you need quick eyes to catch all of it :)


Haha, thanks so much for the gif! 😊


Jogo muito divertido!!!

This game’s awesome, very addictive and polished ! Congrats !

I do have a question though as to where config/save files are located/saved in Linux

thank you :) for linux the save file is located here:


Fun satisfying and seriously polished.


This game has lights and colors

and you shoot things

is good yes

a very simple but fun twin stick shooter

i wish it uses the mouse to aim instead of arrow key tho


what timing, my friend! i have just now updated the game to include mouse aiming.


lets goooooooooo


Are there plans to bring satryn to steam? It is really good.

I think I was having fun!


Cool art, fun game.


amazing graphical effects!

Is there a way to make a version with the .pck file? Many Godot games (Primal Light, Oddventure for example) have a .pck file. This way they can run on many platforms with a runtime; in my case OpenBSD. Could this be added?


I love it

Awesome game. If only all escort missions were like this.




Reporting another bug:

1. I also encountered the bug, already reported in the comments, where the power-up meter disappears. The result is that whatever power-up is collected becomes the main weapon. Even after dying, the power-up remains the main weapon.

Thanks to this bug, I was able to keep the Quad power-up until Level 30, at which point I didn't stand a chance :)

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thank you for the bug report. this will be fixed in the next update. i'm glad to see that even with the assistance of a gamebreaking bug you did not manage to reach the level cap >:)

edit: this bug has been fixed as of 0.8.3

This game is fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing it grow from strength to strength!

I've encountered two bugs that I would like you to be aware of:

1. Pressing the Windows key while in the game, and returning to the game caused it to crash. I would suggest a shortcut key to switch the game from full screen to windowed and back.

2. I happened to die the moment the stage cleared. The game froze, then loaded the next stage, and then crashed.

hi there, i was unable to reproduce bug #1, but bug #2 is fixed in update 0.8.3.

also: you can press F11 to toggle fullscreen.


This game screams for online leaderboards...


Such a wonderful game!

Beautiful retro pixel art and really fun gameplay with a controller. And I had so much fun just hovering over the menu buttons, producing random "computer" sounds! :D

Keep up the good work!


bleepbloop blorp bleep bloop

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Could you add mouse aiming? The gun would still snap to the nearest of 8 directions but that control scheme would give some familiarity from games like Enter the Gungeon or Nuclear Throne, I don't have a controller, and on cheap keyboard multiple keypresses aren't sometimes registered (moving diagonally and shooting) so having mouse option would be great

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Great idea I would love that to be implemented to!

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fantastic suggestion. it is on my big list 📜

edit: mouse aiming has been added today as part of the 0.8.3 update.

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