A downloadable thing for Windows and Linux

a five minute walking simulator about a machine that should not have been made. #olcCodeJam2020

a thing by maybell 🌻

Updated 28 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Colorful, Exploration, First-Person, Short, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


tauonconduit.zip 28 MB
tauonconduit_linux.zip 29 MB

Development log


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That was a very compelling environment to explore! I wish I understood the ending or the function of the machine but the mystery of it is still cool.

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I love the art style! But have a few nitpicks about it.

  • Most surfaces have textures but the grass is just a solid colour and I think it stands out a lot
  • The shadows are blurry which definitely does not conform to the game's art style. This can be fixed with a custom screenspace shadow shader that rounds shadows darkness to either 0 or 1
  • Specular highlights give a feeling of smoothness, which not all surfaces should have. For example, the specular highlight (and solid colour) in the 2nd screenshot makes the grass look almost like plastic. This can be fixed by adding a texture and removing the highlight. In the 3rd screenshot, the floor seems to be made of bricks or planks, but because of the highlight, it makes it obvious that it's just a flat texture. A normal or bump map would work well here

Otherwise very well done, the clouds are gorgeous too. I realize the game was made for a jam, but I'm sure many people would appreciate a post-jam version of the game

hi, thank you for taking the time to write such detailed, actionable feedback. i agree with you on all points, especially the shadows. i am considering this project complete (mostly for my own sanity as the code is a haphazard nightmare), but my heart is happy to hear there is interest in further development. a future project will see these improvements, promise. 💖

still working on my walking simulator set in the same universe as yours. Hope you don’t mind the art style being identical to yours 

this is looking so spectacular, well done. 🌸


thanks! I will be sure to drop a link when it is complete. It may be some time though as I have a baby girl on the way soon. 


I finally got around to finishing that game. Here is the link if you are still interested: https://jogasoftware07.itch.io/seal-of-darkness

incredible. i love it. i wrote a more detailed review on your page <3


lovely visual style!! i wish there was an animated player model that i could see move in the shadow. so lovely. i have dreams of staying on floating islands like these.

i love the skybox, and the rapidly shifting lighting styles / colours. so cool and lovely. :o)

hello friend, i am glad the island was to your dreams' liking. 🌌

ive been thinking, have you tried using a pixel art normal / bump map for some of the textures? sometimes the stones catch the light and look shiny and flat, so having something to break that up might be nice idk?

maybe a blue noise image


I really enjoyed the experience !


I love this game so much!! Beautiful aesthetic and ambience. 


I absolutely love this game! <3

I had a lot of fun exploring everything down to the smallest detail. And frankly, I wish I could continue the experience. So please make sure you develop even more this beautiful and wonderful game that you are offering here.

your kind words made my day, thank you ✨


What an awesome game. I really liked how well everything worked!!! 


oh what a miracle, it works! :') thank you friend

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Very atmospheric! Well done. You got my ratings! =)


A surprisingly nice short little game there's a good bit of mystery about how the device works or it's purpose, but I loved how the time of day changed and reflected how out of whack everything was getting. The game works perfectly fine was a bit confused how to interact at first but once you get to the gem collecting stage it works well. My Full play through here: 


hello :) watching your playthrough brought me much joy. thank you for taking the time to check it out. 🖤


Thanks for making it and great job! :D