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I aspire to make games that look this good.

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Really cool game. Plays really well on an android handheld emulator console! Nice little game to pick up and play in small bursts. 



Played this on Asus ROG Ally handheld. Looks and sounds great. Loving the smooth blasty chaos. Great game for Ally, steam deck etc



Great, really great. But it’s so laggy on my Android device. Level 1 starts out laggy and as enemies are cleared the game runs much smoother. Maybe some optimisation would help? Until then I’ll see if I can find a way to play the Windows version on my Mac. Keep up the good work!

just sprinkle some optimization on it, nbd


I agree, nbd, you just have to care. Here’s how I did it with my latest game:

Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:05:29. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Sideloading is now possible on the iiRcade. Any chance you could make the existing iiRcade version of Satryn available for download (or even for purchase) here, too? Cowcat recently did likewise with Brok the Investigator on their itchio page, and the sideloading iiRcade community is trying to compile a list of other games that iiRcade owners can buy and sideload now (while still supporting developers) now that iiRcade is out of business. Thanks!

hey, i have uploaded the iircade version of satryn here. it is completely free. sideload away! :)

That's great. I'll be sure to let the community know. Thanks!

The iiRcade is community is excited that you've made this available to sideload. Thanks! A lot of us are big fans of this game.

We have a .zip file with the iiRcade loading screen artwork and controls pre-configured for iiRcade. Is there some way we can provide it to you? That way, you could post the iiRcade version as a .zip file with artwork and controls ready to go.

you can email me at maybell(dot)soft(at)gmail(dot)com. :) or dm me on our discord. thank you!

perhaps make the friends at least try to run from monsters and traps that are hostile to them


Olá,o seu jogo está muito bom jogabilidade incrível,gráficos bom,dinâmica ótima,o jogo na minha opinião ficaria mais divertida com novos heróis e talvez um modo multiplayer.

obg pela a atenção

Hi, if i buy you’re game here, we have also a steam key ? thanks !


hi :) the game is free on if you want leaderboards and achievements, you can buy the game on steam. thank you! <3

It's cool having the all the updates available for the free version, but why not call this version Deluxe too? Or is the Deluxe because of the achivements and leaderboards? What if you had a achievment list for the free version built into the menu?




gameplay video: 

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this is the best modern take on Robotron out there. super comfortable to play without a mouse because of the 8-way shooting. cross-shaped lens flare with the additive blending is so pretty, oh my god. the sound design is so good too -- sounds like a Williams game but punchier and throatier.

(P.S. if this is gamemaker, if you want to export a mac version i may be able to help.)

edit: it gets so hectic past level 20, i love it so much

thank you <3 it was made in godot. :) i definitely do need help with mac port stuff.

godot, even better! i can try to compile for macos if you need it. i'll DM you on twitter so you have my handle


Would love to see this on the Switch :)

I like the music you used in the trailer; techno/dubstep I think would really fit this game.

ennway made the music, check them out on spotify sometime <3


I own this game on steam and I have talked to you before about maybe adding music to the game but in the full version I think it would be cool if they were steam workshop support for making custom powerups. Also, the game gets boring after playing for a few hours, maybe some sort of challenge system where you have a few challenge slots and when you complete one you get a new one and for completing them you get some cosmetic settings, or it could be just for achievements.

workshop support most likely will not happen, sorry :(

any sick ideas for power-ups that i can steal in the meantime? ;)


Maybe one that that repels nearby enemies in a blast-like manner or for a period of time, I've noticed that I often die it's because I'm surrounded by enemies so it might be a separate mechanic you use at any time by pressing a certain key/button (I've played on both Keyboard and mouse and controller and I think controller is better (My wrists hurt less)) kind like how the shield is a power-up bit it's a separate mechanic.

Also unrelated to powerups, is there any chance you could add 360 degree firing for controller. If you're not up to that because it would be an unfair advantage, you could always make a separate leaderboard for controller runs. You don't have to accept any of these ideas, just thigns I've thought about while playing.

just wondering but did you see this, you didn't reply

i did see it :) i love the wind blast power-up. i would really like to add it one day.

360 degree aiming is a hard no, for personal taste reasons. <3


Dug this one back up after 3 years cuz i remembered it in the middle of the night. Still badass as ever.

I really like almost everything, the only thing I don't like is that even with controller the aiming is in only 8 directions, it's a little hard to aim correctly. 

will there ever be a mac port?


mac is cringe

macOS support has been added to the deluxe version on steam. :)


Is there a way to buy Deluxe on I like that gives more to devs and I also like DRM-free titles. :)


i have updated the version to match the Steam version. :)

thank you! Am I understanding correctly that the Deluxe version on itch is free? i don't see a way to buy on itch. if so, I'll donate. :)


deluxe is steam only and adds leaderboards and achievements. otherwise, they are the same game. and yes, it's free. :)


howdy! I want to say that your works seem so frigging amazing :)

It would mean a lot if you could maybe consider porting your games to 32bit or maybe ARM windows too (even if it's in the paid versions) so that's more accessible to people with different architectures.

I would love to play the games but sadly my ARM device does a poor job emulating x64 apps, even ones without demanding assets >.<

But again, great job on everything you've done!

you are really an excellent game developer. Keep up the great work!!


This game Is so lovely and challenging. 

The gameplay Is well designed and the controls are fluid.

The sound design is excellent and I often snap my fingers at the level clear sound.



This is awesome, just bought the pack on Steam!

i really like the game no complaints 


Awesome game. I loved playing it!

can you maybe make a mac por

hi, the deluxe version on steam now supports macOS. thank you for your patience! :)

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a new high score to celebrate the deluxe announcement! thanks for a great game!

3 million+ high score, level 38 high score


Let’s gooo

death screen with hi-score 4,551,720


Man, wish I could make fun games like this.

When you have an idea for a game, you should maybe write it down, that's what I do, I'm constantly having ideas for simple games and sometimes they are really fun!


Fantastic game! Keeps the controls simple. Difficulty ramp is just right. Every death feels fair (I can see how I could have avoided it). Scaling multiplier really ups the "one more try" effect.

Wish the donate button let me choose a higher amount! I know I can do it multiple times, but it's annoying giving that extra cut to PayPal each time.


hello admin! how are you doing? are you make more game?

i hope you safe and healthy!

can you make a mac port

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is this Robotron 2084 but with better graphics, even the transition between two scenes and the friends system is similar to Robotron.

This game is perfection. Have Twitter DM'd about a maybe-cool thing, but no worries if not!


Someones a fan of Robotron, and that is not a problem.

could you try making a Mac OS build of it

hey, it's been a while, but the deluxe version on steam now supports MacOS.


very fun game


great game lots of fun!


I love the buttons/menus and transition animations and just wow its so pretty :D 

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